Tips to improve your English speaking skills like a native speaker

How to get English speaking skills like a native speaker


Try to find native English speakers.

When speaking to native speakers is the best way to improve your speakingskills and English skills.


How to find native speakers. (click on the lnks to join our pages and groups)

Facebook page

Facebook groups.

Google+ English groups.


Listen to how native people sound when talking English.

Most people can speak English to a certain level, but  if you sound like a robot listen to native speakers and how they sound.

Youtube is great way to listen for free.

listen to movies


Slow downwhen speaking English! (even native speakers!!!!!)

This one is very important, if you want to be understood.,


Why slow down when speaking English?

Helps other to understand.

You will sound clearly when speaking.

It will help others to understand you if you pronounce some words wrong.


List of tips for improving your English speaking skills 

  1. Speak English at home

  2. Try to think in English

  3. Practise speaking English with friends

  4. Find a native speaker to practise with online

  5. Record yourself to listen to how you sound and find out your weak points

  6. Listen to a book on a tape and record yourself copying the speaker.

  7. Watch English movies and shows on TV

  8. Listen and repeat what you hear 

  9. Try saying toungue twisters

  10. Learn to say a phrase / sentence rather than single words

  11. Watch TV in English with subtitles in your own language

  12. Listen to the radio in English (BBC)

  13. Listen to music. Must be slow and clear songs even if you don't like the music

  14. Karaoke.Try singing English songs. Youtube has many karaoke songs

  15. RELAX



List of ways to improve your speaking English skills



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