They’re, There, Their differences and how to use them

They’re, There,  Their explained


The problem with these words is that they sound identical but have completely different uses and meanings.



  • A contraction of they are:
  • They're going to be late.
  • They’re looking for my jelly beans.



Either an Adverb describing a place:

I saw her standing there.

Don't go there.

  • or a pronoun used to begin a sentence:
  • There is no doubt in my mind.
  • There are no more jelly beans.
  • There seems ‘to be some confusion about those jelly beans.


The Possessive form of the pronoun they - usually modifies a noun

  • Their books
  • Their house
  • Their jelly beans


They’re, There,  Their explained with examples



They're their there explained with examples

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