In ,on, at prepositions of place learning English grammar

How to use in on at and with examples 

What reprepositions of place used for?

In general we use them for:-

At for a point

In for an enclosed space

On for a surface

Prepositions of place table

English preposition




  • room, building, street,
  • town, country
  • book, paper etc.
  • car, taxi
  • picture, world
  • in the kitchen, in London
  • in the book
  • in the car, in a taxi
  • in the picture, in the world
  • meaning next to, by anobject
  • for table
  •  for events
  • place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study, work)
  • at the door, at the station
  • at the table
  • at a concert, at the party
  • at the cinema, at school,
  • at work
  • attached
  • for a place with a river
  • being on a surface
  • for a certain side (left, right)
  • for a floor in a house
  • for public transport
  • for television, radio
  • the picture on the wall
  • London lies on the Thames.
  • on the table
  • on the left
  • on the first floor
  • on the bus, on a plane
  • on TV, on the radio


Prepositions of place using in on at examples


Prepositions of place using in on at examples

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