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A / an / the learning basic English


A vs an in English How to usea / an / the correctly. Learning basic English grammar

First, let's compare a and an


Use the letter a before words that begin with consonants 

Consonants = b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y and  z


Examples. a nurse, a big tree, a boy

Use the letter an before words that begin with vowels.

Vowels = a, e, i, o and u


Examples an orange, an interesting movie, an apple

A and an rules English


You have to use a before u when the word sounds like ‘you’ and before eu 

Example of a word that begins with u = university = a university

Example of a word that begins with eu = a European city.


You have to use an before words that begin with a silent h.

Example = an hour (silent 'h')


A / an  explained 


A and an explained with examples

Now, let's compare a / an / the


Tony: I bought a football and a football boots yesterday.How to use a and an correctly
Julian: Was the football boots expensive?

Rules for a / an /the


As a rule you use a / an with a noun to talk about a person or about a thing for the first time

an apple

When you need to talk about the person or a thing again.

The apple was very tasty

Special rules for a / an/ the


You have to use a / an with the following:- Prices, frequency and speeds.

Prices = Petrol costs £3 a gallon.

Frequency = I eat three bananas a day.

Speeds = He was driving at 60 miles an hour.


You also use a / an before hundred, thousand, and million


A hundred cars

A thousand flowers

You also use a / an when talking about jobs.

An English teacher.

A painter.

You use the when there is only one of something.


May I go to the park?

Where's Tony? He in the office.


You also have to use the when talking about musical instruments


I play the drums.

Kitty plays the piano.

A / an / the explained and how to use them


A  / an / the with examples and how to use them correctly

When not to use A / an 


When not to use a / an

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