Modal verbs list, usages, examples, video English grammar lesson


Modal verbs list 



 Be able to  






 Have to

 Need to



 Don't have to  


 Ought to


Modal verbs meanings and uses

Modal verbs are also know as helping verbs and are used to express the following:- Possililty, obligation, ability and permission.


Modal verbs their usage and examples 

Modal verb list English Grammar


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Modal verb list learning English Grammar


Modal verbs can be used with actions


Modal verbs used with actions
Modal verbs used with actions

Modal verbs







    probability (0%)



    Can I go to the mall?

    It can't be Robert. He is in London


    past ability

    past permission

    probability (30%)

    request, offer or suggestion


    He could speak English when he was 2 years old.

   He could go to the park.

    It could get much colder in December.

    Could I go to the toilet?

    I could lend you my dictionary.



    probability (50%)



    It may rain tomorrow.

    May I go to the cinema with you?



    probability (30% or less)


    It might snow today.





    deduction / probability (100%)


    You mustn't play with that. It's dangerous

    The visitor must be Daniel. I've seen his car outside.





    You shouldn't smoke. It's bad for your health




    spontaneous decision


    I think he will study harder this time.

    Oh, it's very cold in here. I'll close the window.


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