Containers and quantities with English vocabulary PDF 

Containers and quantities and shopping vocabulary  

  Containers and quantities vocabulary

Containers and quantities list

1 bag

2 bottle

3 box

4 bunch

5 can

6 carton


7 container

8 dozen (A dozen eggs)

( Not A dozen OF eggs)

9 head

10 jar

11 loaf-loaves

12 pack

13 package

14 roll

15 six-pack

16 stick

17 tube

18 pint


19 quart

20 3 litres

21 5 litres

22 litre

23 pound



Basic conversation between 2 people talking about containers and quantities


A. Please can you get a bag of flour when you go to the supermarket?

B. 1 bag of flour? Okay, no problem.


A. Please get two bottles of ketchup. When you go to the supermarket.

B. Two bottles of ketchup? Okay.


A. What did you get at the supermarket?

 A. I got  _________________, ___________________, and ________________.


A. Is this the express checkout line?  

B. Yes, it is. Do you have more than you find eight items?

A. No. I only have _________________, ___________________, and ________________.


Answer these questions on a piece of paper.

Open your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Make a list of all the things you find.

What do you do with empty bottles, jars and cans? Do you recycle them, reuse them, or throw them away?

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