Supermarket, shopping and grocery store with English vocabulary PDF 

Supermarket, grocery store and shopping vocabulary  

  Supermarket, grocery store and shopping vocabulary. Learning English

Supermarket, grocery store and shopping list

1 aisle
2 shopper / customer
3 shopping basket
4 checkout line
5 checkout counter
6 conveyor belt
7 cash register

8 shopping trolley / cart
9 (chewing) gum
10 sweets / candy
11 coupons
12 cashier
13 paper bag
14 bagger/packer

15 express checkout (line)
16 tabloid (newspaper)
17 magazine
18 scanner
19 plastic bag
20 produce
21 manager


22 clerk
23 scale
24 can-return machine
25 bottle-return machine



Basic conversation between 2 people talking about shopping at a supermarket

A. This is a huge supermarket. 

B. It is! Look at all the ____________.  Use numbers 1, 8, 11 - 19, 21 - 25 only.


A. This is a huge supermarket. 

B. It is! Look at all the ____________.  Use numbers 9, 10, 20 only.

Answer this questions on a piece of paper.

Where do you shop for food?

Do you go to a supermarket or a small grocery store, market?

Describe the place where you shop.


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