English vocabulary for shops around town or city in  PDF part 2

Shops and places around town and city vocabulary 

-Shops and places around town and the city vocabulary

1 hair salon
2 hardware store
3 health club
4 hospital

5 hotel
6 ice cream shop
7 jewelry store
8 l


9 library
10 maternity shop
11 motel
12 movie theater


13 music store
14 nail salon
15 park
16 pet shop/pet store


Places and shops around town and city part 2

Shops and places around town and the city English vocabulary PDF 
17 photo shop
18 pizza shop
19 post office
20 restaurant
21 school
22 shoe store
23 (shopping) mall
24 supermarket
25 toy store
26 train station
27 travel agency
28 video store


Basic conversation about places and shops around town between 2 people

A. Where's the _______________?

B. It's right over there.

A. Thanks.


A. Is there a / an ____________nearby?

B. Yes. There's a / an _______________ around the corner.

A. Thanks.


A. Excuse me. Where's the _______________? Which of these places are in your

B. It's down the street, next to the ______________. 

A. Thank you. 

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