English vocabulary for people's appearance and describing people 

People's appearance and physical descriptions


Peoples appearance and physical description vocabulary 

1 child-children,

2 baby/infant,

3 toddler,

4 boy,

5 girl
6 teenager, 


7 adult,

8 man-men,

9 woman-women
10 senior citizen/elderly person
11 young, 12 middle-aged, 13 old/elderly
14 tall, 15 average height, 16 short
17 heavy, 18 average weight, 19 thin/slim

20 pregnant,

21 physically challenged,

22 vision impaired
23 hearing impaired





People's appearance and physical descriptions part 2

Peoples appearance and describing people vocabulary in PDF


24 long
25 shoulder length
26 short
27 straight
28 wavy

29 curly
30 black
31 brown
32 blond
33 red

34 grey
35 bald
36 beard
37 moustache

Basic conversation about people's appearances and physical descriptions 

     A. Tell me about your brother. 

     B. He’s a tall heavy boy with short curly brown  hair. 

            A. What does your new boss look like?
            B. She’s average height, and she has long straight black hair.

    A. Can you describe the person? 

     B. He’s a tall thin middle-aged man.

     A. Anything else? 

     B. Yes. He’s bald, and he has a moustache.


         A. Can you describe your grandmother?

         B. She’s a short thin elderly person with long wavy grey hair.

         A. Anything else?

         B. Yes. She’s hearing impaired.


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