Meat, poultry and seafood vocabulary PDF

Meat, seafood and poultry vocabulary list

Meat, poultry and seafood vocabulary list


1 steak
2 ground beef
3 stewing beef
4 roast beef
5 ribs
6 leg of lamb
7 lamb chops

8 tripe
9 liver
10 pork
11 pork chops
12 sausages
13 ham
14 bacon


15 chicken
16 chicken breasts
17 chicken legs/ drumsticks
18 chicken wings
19 chicken thighs
20 turkey
21 duck


22 salmon
23 halibut
24 haddock
25 flounder
26 trout
27 catfish
28 filet of sole

29 shrimp
30 scallops
31 crabs
32 clams
33 mussels
34 oysters
35 lobster



Basic conversation between 2 people talking about meat, poultry and seafood at a supermarket

A. I'm going to the supermarket. What do we need?

B. Please get some steak.

A. Steak? All right.


A. Excuse me. Where can l find ___________?

B. Look in the _____________ Section. (Use meat, poultry or seafood section)

A. This / These ________________ looks / look Very fresh!

A. Thank you. B. Let’s get some for dinner.

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