In the kitchen with English vocabulary and pictures PDF

Kitchen vocabulary English lesson

Learning the English vocabulary for kitchen appliances


1 refrigerator

2 freezer

3 garbage pail

4 (electric) mixer

5 cabinet

6 paper towel holder

7 canister

8 (kitchen) counter

9 dishwasher detergent

10 dishwashing liquid

11 faucet

12 (kitchen) sink

13 dishwasher

14 (garbage) disposal

15 dish towel

16 dish rack/dish drainer

17 spice rack

18 (electric) can opener

19 blender

20 toaster oven

21 microwave (oven)

22 potholder

23 tea kettle

24 stove/range

25 burner

26 oven

27 toaster

28 coffeemaker

29 trash compactor

30 cutting board

31 cookbook

32 food processor

33 kitchen chair

34 kitchen table

35 placemat



General conversation 

A. I think we need a new refrigerator.

B. I think you’re right.

In a store conversation between 2 people

A. Excuse me. Are your______________s still on sale?

B. Yes, they are. They're twenty percent off

2 friends having a conversation in a kitchen

A. When did you get this /these new _______________(s)?

B. I got it / them last week.

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