Kitchen utensils, food preparation and cookware vocabulary English lesson PDF


Kitchen utensils, food preparation and cookware vocabulary 

Kitchen utensils and cookware vocabulary English lesson

Kitchen utensils and cookware vocabulary list PDF

1 ice cream scoop  

2 can opener   

3 bottle opener   

4 (vegetable) peeler
5 (egg) beater  

6 lid/cover/top   

7 pot   

8 frying pan/skillet
9 double boiler

10 wok  

11 ladle    

12 strainer
13 spatula   

14 steamer   

15 knife   

16 garlic press
17 grater  

18 casserole dish

19 roasting pan   

20 roasting rack
21 carving knife 

22 saucepan   

23 colander   

24 kitchen timer
25 rolling pin   

26 pie plate   

27 paring knife

28 cookie sheet
29 cookie cutter   

30 (mixing) bowl  

31 whisk  

32 measuring cup
33 measuring spoon   

34 cake pan  

35 wooden spoon



Kitchen utensils and cookware conversation at home and commercial between 2 people

A. Could I possibly borrow your ice cream scoop?

B. Sure. I’ll be happy to lend you my ice cream scoop.

A. Thanks.

A. What are you looking for?

A Commercial from the television or radio about kitchen utensils and cookware

Come to Kitchen World! We everything you need for your kitchen, from _________________s and __________________s, to ___________________s and _____________s. Are you looking for a new _________________? Is it time to throw out your old __________________? Come to Kitchen World today.

We have everything you need!

Exercise. Answer these questions

What kitchen utensils and cookware do you have in kitchen?

Which things do you rarely use? 

Which things do you use often?

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