Types of houses and housing English vocabulary

House and communities English vocabulary

Types of houses and communities English lesson


 1 apartment building

 5 condominium / condo   

  9 shelter

 13 the city

 2 house

 6 dormitory / dorm

 10 farm

 14 the suburbs

 3 duplex / two-family house

 7 mobile home

 11 ranch

 15 the country

 4 townhouse / town home

 8 nursing home

 12 houseboat   

 16 a town / village   


Basic conversation between 2 people about houses and addresses

A. Town Taxi Company.

B. Hello. Please send a taxi to …..(Address) …..

A. Is that a house or an apartment building?

B. It's a/an _______________ .

A. All right. We will be there in 10 minutes.


A. This is the Emergency Operator.

B. Please send an ambulance to …..(Address)…..

A. ls that a private home?

B. It is a /an __________________.

A. What’s your name and telephone number? 

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