Groceries, grocery Shop, shopping and items with English vocabulary PDF 

Groceries, shopping, grocery Shop and items vocabulary  

Groceries and grocery vocabulary in PDF

Groceries vocabulary list

Packaged Goods

1 cereal
2 cookies
3 crackers
4 macaroni
5 noodles
6 spaghetti
7 rice


Canned Goods

8 soup
9 tuna (fish)
10 (canned) vegetables
11 (canned) fruit

Jams and Jellies

12 jam
13 jelly
14 peanut butter


15 ketchup
16 mustard
17 relish
18 pickles
19 olives
20 salt
21 pepper
22 spices


23 soy sauce
24 mayonnaise
25 (cooking) oil
26 olive oil
27 salsa
28 vinegar
29 salad dressing

Baked Goods

30 bread
31 rolls
32 English muffins
33 pita bread
34 cake

Baking Products

35 flour
36 sugar
37 cake mix


Basic conversation between 2 people talking about shopping for groceries at a supermarket

A. I got cereal and soup. What else IS on the shopping list?

B. Ketchup and bread.


A. Excuse me. I'm looking for _______________, 

B. It’s / They‘re next to the ______________.


A. Pardon me. I’m looking for________________.

B. It’s / They’re between the _________________.

and the

Exercise answer these questions

Which brands of these foods do you buy?

Which of these foods do you like?

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