Gardening tools, actions and garden maintenace vocabulary PDF

English  vocabulary for gardening tools, actions and garden maintenace

Gardening tools and actions vocabulary

A mow the lawn

B plant vegetables

C plant flowers
D water the flowers

E rake leaves

F trim the hedge
G prune the bushes

H weed

1 lawnmower

2 petrol can 

3 Strimmer
4 shovel

5 vegetable seeds

6 hoe
7 trowel


8 wheelbarrow 

9 fertilizer
10 (garden) hose

11 nozzle

12 sprinkler
13 watering can

14 rake


15 leaf blower
16 garden waste bag
17 (hedge) clippers
18 hedge trimmer
19 pruning shears
20 weeder



Conversation about garden tools and garden maintenace 

A. Hi! Are you busy?

B. Yes. I’m mowing the lawn. Use letters A - H

A. What are you looking for?
B. The lawnmower. Use numbers 1 - 20


A. What are you going to do tomorrow?

B. I’m going to ______________. Use letters A - H

A. Can I borrow your _________________? Use numbers 1 - 20

B. Sure.

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