Dining room vocabulary with basic conversation between 2 people

Dining room vocabulary

Dining room vocabulary English lesson

1 (dining room) table

2 (dining room) chair

3 buffet

4 tray

5 teapot

6 coffee pot

7 sugar bowl

8 creamer

9 pitcher

10 chandelier

11 china cabinet

12 china

13 salad bowl

14 serving bowl

15 serving dish

16 vase

17 candle

18 candlestick

19 platter

20 butter dish

21 salt shaker

22 pepper shaker

23 tablecloth

24 napkin

25 fork

26 plate


27 knife

28 spoon

29 bowl

3O mug

31 glass

32 cup

33 saucer




General conversation about a dining room

A. This dining room table is very nice. (use any vocabulary from 1 to 33)

B. Thank you. It was a gift from my grandmother / grandfather / aunt/ uncle.

 In a store conversation between 2 people

A. May I help you?

B. Yes, please. Do you have ___________.

A. Yes. _____________s are right over there. ( With 12, use the singular ).

B. Thank you.


 At home conversation between 2 people

A. Look at this old I just bought

 B. Where did you buy it?

A. At a yard sale. How do you like it?

B. It’s VERY unusual!

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