Deli, frozen foods, snack foods vocabulary list PDF 

Deli, frozen foods, snack foods vocabulary list 

 Deli, frozen foods and snack foods vocabulary

Deli, frozen foods and snack foods list PDF



1 roast beef
2 bologna
3 salami
4 ham
5 turkey
6 corned beef

7 pastrami
8 Swiss cheese
9 provolone
10 American cheese
11 mozzarella
12 cheddar cheese
13 potato salad
14 coleslaw
15 macaroni salad
16 pasta salad
17 seafood salad

Frozen Foods

18 ice-cream
19 frozen vegetables
20 frozen dinners
21 frozen lemonade
22 frozen orange juice


Snack Foods

23 potato chips
24 tortilla chips
25 pretzels
26 nuts
27 popcorn


Basic conversation between 2 people talking about Deli, frozen foods and snack foods vocabulary list PDF at a supermarket


A. Should we get some roast beef?

B. Good idea. And let's get some Potato salad as well.


A- May I help you? 

B. Yes' please ‘Id like ______________. Use numbers 1 - 17


A. Excuse me. Where is / are  _____________? Use numbers 1 - 27

B. They’re in the ____________Section.


Exercise. Answer the following questions.

What kinds of snack foods are popular in your country?

Are frozen foods common in your country and which ones?


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