Dairy products, juices and beverages vocabulary PDF

Dairy products, juices, beverages vocabulary list

Dairy products, juices and beverages vocabulary

Dairy Products

1 milk
2 low-fat milk
3 skim milk
4 chocolate milk
5 orange juice****
6 cheese
7 butter


8 margarine
9 sour cream
10 cream cheese
11 cottage cheese
12 yogurt
13 tofu****
14 eggs


15 apple juice
16 pineapple juice
17 grapefruit juice
18 tomato juice
19 grape juice
20 fruit punch
21 juice packs
22 powdered drink mix


23 soda
24 diet soda
25 bottled water




Coffee and Tea

26 coffee
27 decaffeinated coffee/decaf
28 instant coffee
29 tea
30 herbal tea
31 cocoa/ hot chocolate mix



**** Orange juice and tofu are NOT dairy products, but you usually find them in this section

Basic conversation between 2 people talking about Dairy products, juices, beverages at a supermarket

A. I'm going to the supermarket to get some milk. Do we need anything else?

B. Yes. PIease get some apple juice.


A. Excuse me. Where can I find ______________

B. Look in the ____________________ Section

A. Thanks.


A. Look ____________! Is / are on sale. This Week!

 B Let's get some.

Exercise. Answer the following questions.

Which of these foods do you like?

Which of these foods are good for you?

Which brands of these foods do you buy?

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