Classroom commands and actions for teachers and students English lesson

Teacher's classroom commands vocabulary

Classroom actions and commands for teachers and students

List of classroom actions and commands for teachers and students

1 Say your name.

2 Repeat your name.

3 Spell your name.

4 Print your name.

5 Sign your name.

6 Stand up.

7 Go to the board.

8 Write on the board.

9 Erase the board.

10 Sit down./ Take your seat.

11 Open your book.

12 Read page ten.

13 Study page ten.

14 Close your book.

15 Put away your book.

16 Raise your hand.

17 Ask a question.

18 Listen to the question

19 Answer the question.

20 Listen to the answer.

21 Do your homework.

22 Bring in your homework.

23 Go over the answers.

24 Correct your mistakes.

25 Hand in your homework.

26 Share a book.

27 Discuss the question.

28 Help each other.

29 Work together.

30 Share with the class.


Teachers and students classroom commands and actions

Teachers and students classroom commands and actions


List of teachers and students classroom actions and commands 

31 Look in the dictionary.
32 Look up a word.
33 Pronounce the word.
34 Read the definition.
35 Copy the word.
36 Work alone./Do your own work.
37 Work with a partner.
38 Break up into small groups.
39 Work in a group.
40 Work as a class.

41 Lower the shades.
42 Turn off the lights.
43 Look at the screen.
44 Take notes.
45 Turn on the lights.
46 Take out a piece of paper.
47 Pass out the tests.
48 Answer the questions.
49 Check your answers.
50 Collect the tests.


51 Choose the correct answer.
52 Circle the correct answer.
53 Fill in the blank.
54 Mark the answer sheet./ Bubble the answer.
55 Match the words.
56 Underline the word.
57 Cross out the word.
58 Unscramble the word.
59 Put the words in order.
60 Write on a separate sheet of paper.




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