English vocabulary for a bathroom PDF

Bathroom vocabulary and word list 


Bathroom vocabulary learning English vocabulary for items in a bathroom

1 wastebasket

2 vanity

3 soap

4 soap dish

5 soap dispenser

6 (bathroom) sink

7 faucet / taps

8 medicine cabinet

9 mirror


10 cup

11 toothbrush

12 toothbrush holder

13 electric toothbrush

14 hair dryer

15 shelf

16 hamper

17 fan

18 bath towel



19 hand towel

20 washcloth / facecloth

21 towel rack

22 plunger

23 toilet brush

24 toilet paper

25 air freshener

26 toilet

27 toilet seat


28 shower

29 shower head

30 shower curtain

31 bathtub / tub / bath

32 rubber mat

33 drain

34 sponge

35 bath mat

36 scale


Asking questions about items in a bathroom

A. Where’s the hair dryer?

B. It’s on the vanity.


A. Where’s the soap?

B. It’s in the soap dish.


A. Where’s the plunger?

B. It's next to the toilet brush.

Conversation between 2 people

A- [KNOCK KNOCK-l did I leave my glasses in there?

B. Yes. They’re on / in / next to ___________


A. Bobby? You didn't clean up the bathroom!  There's toothpaste on the __________ and there's powder all over the ___________

B. Sorry. I’ll clean it up right away.

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