Baby room / nursery English vocabulary 


Baby / babies room vocabulary

 Learning the vocabulary for items in a babies room


1 teddy bear

2 baby monitor/intercom

3 chest (of drawers)

4 crib

5 crib bumper / bumper pad    

6 mobile

7 changing table

8 stretch suit


9 changing pad

1O diaper pail

11 night light

12 toy chest

13 stuffed animal    

14 doll

15 swing

16 playpen


17 rattle

18 walker

19 cradle

20 stroller

21 baby carriage

22 car seat/safety seat    

23 baby carrier

24 food warmer


25 booster seat

26 baby seat

27 high chair

28 portable crib 

29 potty

30 baby frontpack    

31 baby backpack




Basic conversation about a babies room

A. Thank you for the teddy bear. It’s a very nice gift.

B. You’re welcome. Tell me, when are you due?

A. In a few more weeks.

Conversation between 2 people about baby items

A. That’s a very nice _____________. Where did you get it?

B. It was a gift from my ___________.  brother / sister / mother / best friend ext.


A. Do you have everything you need? Before the baby comes?

B. Almost everything. We’re still looking for a / an ________  and a / an _________,

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