Apartment building vocabulary

English vocabulary for an apartment building 

Apartment building with English vocabulary


Looking for an Apartment                         Moving In 


1 apartment ads/

classified ads

2 apartment listings

3 vacancy sign

Signing a Lease

4 tenant

5 landlord

6 lease

7 security deposit


8 moving truck/

moving van

9 neighbour

10 building manager

11 doorman

12 key

13 lock



14 first floor

15 second floor

16 third floor

17 fourth floor

18 roof

19 fire escape

20 parking garage



21 balcony

22 courtyard

23 parking lot

24 parking space

25 swimming pool

26 whirlpool

27 trash / rubbish bin

28 air conditioner



Apartment building with English vocabulary in PDF

Apartment building with English vocabulary






29 intercom/speaker

30 buzzer

31 mailbox

32 elevator

33 stairway


34 peephole

35 (door) chain

36 dead-bolt lock

37 smoke detector





38 fire exit/ emergency stairway

39 fire alarm

40 Sprinkler System

41 superintendent

42 garbage chute/

trash chute


43 storage room

44 storage locker

45 laundry room

46 security gate




General conversation about an apartment building

A. is there a fire escape?

B. Yes, there is. Do you want to see the apartment?

A. Yes, I do.

Renting an apartment conversation

A Let me Show you around

B. Okay.

A. This is the ____________. And  ___________ here’s the _________. Numbers 19-46

On the telephone conversation

A. Mom and Dad? I found an apartment.

B. Good. Tell us about it.

A. It has a / an ____________ and a / an _____________ Numbers 19-46

B. That's nice. Does it have a/an _____________ Numbers 19-46

A. Yes, it does.

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