Video, audio and electrical equipment vocabulary English lesson

Video and audio equipment vocabulary 

Video and audio equipment vocabulary

Video, audio and electrical equipment list 

1 TV / television
2 plasma TV
4 projection TV
5 portable TV
6 remote (control)
8 DVD player
9 video/videocassette / videotape
10 VCR / videocassette recorder

11 camcorder / video camera
12 battery pack
13 battery charger
14 radio
15 clock radio
16 shortwave radio
17 tape recorder / cassette recorder
18 microphone
19 stereo system/ sound system

20 record
21 turntable
22 CD/compact disc
23 CD player
24 tuner
25 (audio)tape/ (audio)cassette
26 tape deck / cassette deck
27 speakers
28 portable stereo system / boombox


29 portable / personal CD player
30 portable/personal cassette player
31 headphones
32 portable / personal digital audio player
33 video game system
34 video game
35 hand-held video game


Video, audio and electrical equipment conversation 

A. May I help you?

B. Yes, please. I'm looking for a _________. When using numbers 27 & 31, use: I’m looking for

A. I like your new _____________. Where did you get it / them?

B. At...... Use a name of a store or shop.

A. Which company makes the best _________________?

B. In my opinion, the best______________is / are made by ____________.


In your opinion, which brands of Video and audio equipment are the best?

What video and audio equipment do you have or want?

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