Telephones and cameras English vocabulary lesson in PDF

Learning telephones and cameras vocabulary

Telephones and cameras vocabulary

List of telephones and cameras vocabulary PDF

1 telephone / phone
2 cordless phone
3 cell phone / cellular phone
4 battery
5 battery charger
6 answering machine

7 pager
8 PDA / electronic personal organizer
9 fax machine
10 (pocket) calculator
11 adding machine
12 voltage regulator
13 adapter
14 (35 millimetre) camera
15 lens
16 film
17 zoom lens
18 digital camera
19 memory disk

20 tripod
21 flash (attachment)
22 camera case
23 slide projector
24 (movie) screen


Telephones and cameras conversation between 2 people at a store

A. Can I help you?

B. Yes. I want to buy a telephone. When using number 16, use: l want to buy


A. Excuse me. Do you sell ____________.

B. Yes. We have a large selection of __________s. When using number 16 use singular (no... s)

A. Which _________ is the best? 

B. This one here. It's made by _______________. Use a company or brand name.

Exercise. Answer the following questions about videos and cameras 

  1. Do you have a Camera?
  2. What kind ls it?
  3. What do you take pictures of?
  4. Does anyone you know have an answering machine?
  5. When you call, what message do you hear?
  6. What kind of telephone do you use?

To download the English lesson about videos, cameras and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below. 

To download the English lesson about videos and cameras and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below.


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