Shopping vocabulary and basic conversation about shopping English lesson 

Shopping vocabulary

Shopping at a store vocabulary


Shopping at a store list

A buy
B return
C exchange
D try on
E pay for
F get some information about


1 sale sign
2 label
3 price tag
4 receipt


5 discount
6 size
7 material
8 care instructions


9 regular price
10 sale price
11 price
12 sales tax
13 total price


Conversation about shopping at a store between 2 people

A. May I help you?

B Yes please I want to _________ this item.

A. Certainly. I’ll be glad to help you.


A. What’s the ______________. Use numbers 5 to 7 and 9 to 13

B. _________

A. Are you sure?

B. Yes. Look at the _____________. Use numbers 1 to 4


A. What are the ___________. Use number 8

B. _________

A. Are you sure?

B. Yes. Look at the _____________. Use numbers 1 to 4

Exercise. Describe what stores you have and sales?

  1. Which stores in your area have sales?
  2. How often?
  3. Tell about something you bought on sale.
  4. Do you like shopping and why?

To download the English lesson about shoping at a store and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below. 

To download the English lesson about shopping in a storestore and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below.

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