At the restaurant English vocabulary and phrases

Restaurant vocabulary

At the restaurant vocabulary

Restaurant vocabulary list

A seat the customers
B pour the water
C take the order
D serve the meal


1 hostess
2 host
3 diner /patron / customer
4 booth
5 table
6 high chair
7 booster seat
8 menu
9 bread basket
10 busperson ***
11 waitress / server
12 waiter / server

13 salad bar
14 dining room
15 kitchen
16 chef


*** A busperson is someone who cleans the tables and sometime making drinks.

Conversation about basic phrases you will hear in a restaurant between 2 people

A. Would you like a booth?

B. Yes, please.

A. Hello. My name is Julie, and I'll be your waitress this evening.

B. Hello, Julie.

A. This restaurant has a wonderful salad bar.
B. I agree.

At the restaurant vocabulary

At the restaurant vocabulary list

E clear the table

F pay the check

G leave a tip

H set the table


17 dishroom
18 dishwasher
19 tray
20 dessert cart
21 check
22 tip


23 salad plate
24 bread-and-butter plate
25 dinner plate
26 soup bowl
27 water glass
28 wine glass
29 cup
30 saucer
31 napkin
32 salad fork
33 dinner fork
34 knife
35 teaspoon
36 soup spoon
37 butter knife

Conversation about basic phrases you will hear in a restaurant between 2 people

A. Please _____________. use letters A to H.

B. All right. l'll _ right away.

A. Excuse me. Where does the _____________ go? Use numbers 23 to 27.

B. It goes to the left of the ___________.
to the right of the _________.
on the-_____________.
between the ___________ and the___________.


A. Do you have any job openings?

B. Yea We're looking for a ______________. Use numbers 1, 2, 10-12, 16, 18 

A. Excuse me. I dropped my . __________. Use numbers 23 to 37 

B. That's Okay. I'll get you another from the kitchen. 

Exercise. Answer these questions about a restaurant where you live

  1. Tell about a restaurant you know.
  2. Describe the Place and the People
  3. How many tables are there?
  4. How many people work there?
  5.  Is there a salad bar?
  6.  Is the restaurant large or small? 

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