Restaurant menu vocabulary and ordering food conversation 

Restaurant menu vocabulary 

Restaurant menu vocabulary and conversation about ordering food English lesson



Conversation about ordering food in a restaurant between 2 people

A. May I take your order?
B. Yes, please. For the appetizer, I’d like the _____________. Use numbers 1 to 6
A. And what kind of salad would you like? “____________?
B. I’ll have the ______________. Use numbers 7 to 11
A. And for the main course?
B. I'd like the_________, please.use numbers 12 to 17 
A. What side dish would you like with that?

B. Hmm. I think I’ll have __________. Use numbers 18 to 23

Ordering dessert

A. Would you care for some dessert?
B. Yes. I’ll have____________ use numbers 24 to 28

A. Would you care for some dessert?
B. Yes. I’ll have an____________ use number 29


Exercise. Answer these questions about food in a restaurant where you live

  1. Tell about a restaurant you know.
  2. What's on the menu?
  3. What are some typical foods on the menus of restaurants in your country?

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