Post office vocabulary English lesson at the post office PDF

Post office vocabulary 

At the Post office vocabulary

List of vocabulary at the Post office

1 letter
2 postcard
3 air letter/ aerogramme
4 package/parcel
5 first class
6 priority mail
7 express mail / overnight mail
8 parcel post
9 certified mail
10 stamp
11 sheet of stamps
12 roll of stamps
13 book of stamps
14 money order
15 change-of-address form
16 selective service registration form
17 passport application form
18 envelope
19 return address
20 mailing address
21 zip code
22 postmark
23 stamp/postage

24 mail slot
25 postal worker/ postal clerk
26 scale
27 stamp machine
28 letter carrier/ mail carrier
29 mail truck
30 mailbox


Conversation at the post office between 2 people

A. Where are you going?

B. To the post office. I have to mail a / an _________. (use numbers 1 to 4)


A. How do you want to send it?

B. ___________, please. (use numbers 5 to 10) 


A. Next!

B. I'd like a _______________, please. (use numbers 11 to 17)

A. Here you are. 


A. Do toy want me to mail this letter for you?

B. Yes, please.

A Oops, you forgot the __________! (use numbers 19 to 21 and 23)

Exercise . Answer these questions about the post office

How often do you go to the post office?

What do you go to the post office for?

Tell us about the postal system in country.

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