Learn about laundry / washing clothes vocabulary English lesson in PDF

Laundry and washing clothes vocabulary PDF

Learning the vocabulary for laundry - washing clothes. English lesson PDF


Laundry - washing clothes list

A sort the laundry
B load the washer
C unload the washer
D load the dryer
E hang clothes on the
clothes line
F iron
G fold the laundry
H hang up clothing
I put things away

1 laundry
2 light clothing
3 dark clothing
4 laundry basket
5 laundry bag
6 washer / washing machine
7 laundry detergent
8 fabric softener
9 bleach
10 wet clothing

11 dryer
12 lint trap
13 static cling remover
14 clothes line
15 clothes pin
16 iron
17 ironing board
18 wrinkled clothing
19 ironed clothing


20 spray starch
21 clean clothing
22 closet
23 hanger
24 drawer
25 shelf-shelves





Conversation about laundry and washing clothes between 2 people


A. What are you doing?

B. I'm ___________ing___________. Use letters a to i  


A. Excuse me. Do you sell _______________s? Use numbers 4, 6,11, 14 to 17, 23  

B. Yes. They're at the back of the store.

A. Thank you.


A. Excuse me. Do you sell ______________? Use numbers 7 to 9, 13, 20

B. Yes. They're at the back of the store.

.A. Thank you. 

Exercise. Describe who does your laundry

  • Who does the laundry in your home?
  • What things do they use?
  • What do you do to help with the laundry?

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