Jewellery and accessories vocabulary and basic conversation English lesson

Learning jewellery and accessories vocabulary 

Jewellery and accessories vocabulary in PDF

List of jewellery and accessories

1 ring
2 engagement ring
3 wedding ring/wedding band
4 earrings
5 necklace
6 pearl necklace /pearls / string of pearls

7 chain
8 beads
9 pin/brooch
10 locket
11 bracelet
12 barrette
13 cufflinks
14 suspenders
15 watch /wrist watch
16 handkerchief
17 key ring/key chain
18 change purse
19 wallet
20 belt
21 purse / handbag 
22 shoulder bag
23 tote bag
24 book bag
25 backpack
26 makeup bag
27 briefcase

Conversation between 2 people about jewellery and accessories 

A. Oh, no! I think I lost my ring! 

B. I'll help you look for it.

A. Oh, no! I think I lost my earrings

B. I’ll help you look for them.


In a store conversation between 2 people  

A. Excuse me. Is this / are these _________________ on sale this week?

B. Yes, it's / they are half price.

On the street conversation between 2 people

A. Help! Police! Stop that man / woman! 

B. What happened?

A. He / she just stole my___________ and my ________________!

Exercise. Answer these questions about jewellery and accessories.

  • Do you like to wear jewellery?
  • What jewellery do you have?
  • In your country, what do men, women and children use to carry their things.

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