Finances, payment, ATM machine and family finances PDF

Finances payment and family finances 

Finances, payment, ATM machine, bills and family finances vocabulary


List of vocabulary for, finances, payment, ATM machine, bills and family finances

Forms of Payment

1 cash

2 check

a check number

b account number

3 credit card

a credit card number

4 money order

5 traveller’s check




Household Bills

6 rent

7 mortgage payment

8 electric bill

9 telephone bill

10 gas bill

11 oil bill / heating bill

12 water bill

13 cable TV bill

14 car payment

15 credit card bill


Family Finances

16 balance the chequebook

17 write a check

18 bank online

19 chequebook

20 check register

21 monthly statement







Using an ATM Machine

22 insert the ATM card

23 enter your PIN number / personal identification number

24 select a transaction

25 make a deposit

26 withdraw/get cash

27 transfer funds

28 remove your card

29 take your transaction slip / receipt




Conversation about finances, paying bills and using an ATM

A. Can I pay by _____1, 2____/ with a _____3 to 5_________.

B. Yes. We accept___1_______ / _____2 to 5_______.


A, What should I do?

B. ______________. Use numbers 22 to 29


A. What are you doing?

B I'm paying the ___________.Use numbers 6 to 15


A. What are you doing?

B. I'm ____________-ing _____________.Use numbers 16 to 18


A. What are you doing?

B. I’m looking for the ______________.Use numbers 19 to 21

Exercise. Answer these questions about finances

What household bills do you receive?

How much do you pay for the different bills?

Who takes care of the finances in your household?

What does that person do?

Do you use ATM machines? If you do, how do you use them?

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