Exercise, sport clothing and footwear vocabulary English lesson PDF

Exercise clothing and footwear vocabulary

Exercise, sport clothing and footwear vocabulary

List of exercise, sport clothing and footwear vocabulary 

1 tank top
2 running shorts
3 sweatband
4 jogging suit/ running suit/ warm-up suit
5 T-shirt
6 lycra shorts/ bike shorts


7 sweatshirt
8 sweatpants
9 cover-up
10 swimsuit/bathing suit
11 swimming trunks / swimsuit / bathing suit
12 leotard


13 shoes
14 (high) heels
15 pumps
16 loafers
17 trainers / athletic shoes
18 tennis shoes
19 running shoes
20 high-tops / high-top trainers

21 sandals
22 thongs/ flip-flops
23 boots
24 work boots
25 hiking boots
26 cowboy boots
27 moccasins



Conversation about shoes and exercise clothing between 2 people


A. Excuse me. I found this/ these ____________ in the dryer. Is it / Are they yours? Use numbers 1 to 12

B. Yes. It s / They're mine. Thank you. 

A. Are those new ________________? Use numbers13-27

B. Yes, they are.

A. They're very nice.

B. Thanks

Exercise. Answer these questions about exercise and clothing.

  1. Do you exercise? 
  2. What do you do?
  3. What kind of clothing do you wear when you exercise?
  4. What kind of shoes do you wear when you go to work or to school? When you exercise?
  5. When you relax at home? 
  6. When you go out with friends or family members?


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