Describing clothing, material and patterns English lesson

Describing clothing, material and patterns

Describing clothing, material, patterns, and patterns vocabulary in PDF

List of different types of clothing, material, patterns and sizes 

Types of Clothing

1 long-sleeved shirt
2 short-sleeved shirt
3 sleeveless shirt
4 turtleneck (shirt)
5 V-neck sweater
6 cardigan sweater
7 crewneck sweater
8 turtleneck sweater

9 knee-high socks
10 ankle socks
11 crew socks
12 pierced earrings
13 clip-on earrings

Types of Material

14 corduroy pants
15 leather boots
16 nylon stockings

17 cotton T-shirt
18 denim jacket
19 flannel shirt
20 polyester blouse
21 linen dress
22 silk scarf
23 wool sweater
24 straw hat


25 striped
26 checked
27 plaid
28 polka-dotted
29 patterned/ print
30 flowered/ floral
31 paisley
32 solid blue


33 extra-small
34 small
35 medium
36 large
37 extra-large



Conversation about types of clothing, material, patterns and sizes between 2 people

A. May I help you?

B. Yes, please. I’m looking for a shirt.* Use numbers 1-24

A. What kind?

B. I'm looking for a long-sleeved shirt.  When using numbers 9 to 16 use I'm looking for


A. How do you like this ___________tie / shirt / skirt? Use numbers 25-32

B. Actually, I prefer that ____________one.


A. What size are you looking for?

B. _______________.

Exercise. Describe your favourite clothes

Describe your favourite clothing items. For each item, tell about the colour, the type of material, the size, and the pattern.

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