At the department store vocabulary PDF

Department store vocabulary 

At the department store vocabulary


At the department store vocabulary list

1 (store) directory
2 Jewellery Counter
3 Perfume Counter
4 escalator
5 elevator
6 Men’s Clothing Department
7 customer pickup area


8 Women’s Clothing Department
9 Children’s Clothing Department
10 Housewares Department
11 Furniture Department/ Home Furnishings Department
12 Household Appliances Department
13 Electronics Department


14 Customer Assistance Counter / Customer Service Counter
15 men’s room
16 ladies’ room
17 water fountain
18 snack bar
19 Gift Wrap Counter



Conversation at the department store 

A. I'll meet you at / in / near / in front of the _____________. Choose numbers 1 to 21

B. Okay. What time will you be there?

A. At 1pm

A. Excuse me. Where's the store directory?.

B. It's over there, next to  the Jewellery Counter.

A. Thanks.

B. You're welcome


A. Excuse me. Do you sell ties / bracelets / dresses / toasters ext....?

B. Yes. You can find toasters in the _____________ / at the ___________ on the first / second / third / fourth floor.

A. Thank you.

Exercise. Describe a department store.

Describe a department store you know. Tell what is on each floor.

To download the English lesson about at the department store and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below. 

To download the English lesson about at the department store and basic conversation in PDF, click on the logo below.

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