Crime and emergencies vocabulary and conversation English lesson in PDF

Crime and emergencies vocabulary 

Crime and emergencies vocabulary with basic conversation English lesson

List of crime and emergencies vocabulary 

1 car accident

2 fire

3 explosion

4 robbery

5 burglary

6 mugging

7 kidnapping

8 lost child

9 carjacking

10 bank robbery

11 assault

12 murder

13 blackout / power outage

14 gas leak

15 water main break

16 downed power line

17 chemical spill

18 train derailment

19 vandalism

20 gang violence

21 drunk driving

22 drug dealing



Conversation about crime and emergency between 2 people

‚ÄčA. I want to report a  /an ___________. Use numbers 1 to 13.

B. What’s your location?

A. _________________.


A. Why is this street closed?

B. It’s closed because of a ______________. Use numbers 1,3, 14 to 18.


A. I'm very concerned about the amount of __________________ in our community. Use numbers 19 to 22.

B. I agree._________________ is a very serious problem.

Exercise. Answer these questions about crime and emergencies.

  • Is there much crime in your community?
  • Tell us about it.
  • Have you ever experienced a crime or emergency?
  • What happened?

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