Computers, computer accessories and computer software vocabulary PDF

Computer, accessories and software vocabulary


Computers, computer accessories and computer software vocabulary

List of computers, computer accessories and computer software vocabulary

1 (desktop) computer
2 CPU / central processing unit (casing for adults)
3 monitor / screen
4 CD-ROM drive


6 disk drive
7 (floppy) disk
8 keyboard
9 mouse
10 flat panel screen / LCD screen
11 notebook computer

12 joystick
13 track ball
14 modem
15 surge protector
16 printer
17 scanner
18 cable


Computer Software

19 word-processing program
20 spreadsheet program
21 educational software program
22 computer game


Computers, computer accessories, software conversation between 2 people at a store

A. Can you recommend a good computer?

B. Yes. This computer here is excellent.

A. Is that a new _________? 

B. Yes.

A. Where did you get it?

B. At ...............(name of store)..............

A. May I help you? 

B. Yes, please. Do you sell ________?

A. Yes. We carry a complete line of ____________. 

Exercise. Answer the following questions about computers 

Do you use a computer?

What do you use computers for?

In your Opinion, have computers changed the world?

How have they changed the world?

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