Sleepwear and underwear learning English vocabulary PDF

Sleepwear and underwear vocabulary 

Vocabulary for sleepwear and underwear English lesson

Sleepwear and underwear list

1 pajamas
2 nightgown
3 nightshirt
4 bathrobe / robe
5 slippers
6 blanket sleeper


7 undershirt / T-shirt
8 (jockey) shorts / underpants/  briefs
9 boxer shorts / boxers
10 athletic supporter / jockstrap
11 long underwear / long Johns
12 socks

13 (bikini) panties
14 briefs / underpants
15 bra
16 camisole
17 half slip
18 (full) slip


19 stockings
20 pantyhose
21 tights
22 knee-highs
23 knee socks


Conversation about sleepwear and underwear between 2 people

A. I can’t find my new _____________.
B. Did you look in the bureau / dresser / closet?
A. Yes, I did.
B. Then it's / they’re probably in the wash.


Exercise. Answer these questions about sleepwear and underwear you wear .


  • What sleepwear items do you wear? 
  • What sleepwear items do people in your family wear?


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