Children's toy and the toy store vocabulary English lesson in PDF

Vocabulary for children's toy and the toy store

Learning the vocabulary for children's toys


List of children toys vocabulary 

1 board game
2 (jigsaw) puzzle
3 construction set
4 (building) blocks
5 rubber ball
6 beach ball
7 pail and shovel
8 doll
9 doll clothing 10 doll house

11 doll house furniture
12 action figure
13 stuffed animal
14 matchbox car
15 toy truck
16 racing car set
17 train set
18 model kit
19 science kit
20 walkie-talkie (set)
21 hula hoop
22 jump rope
23 bubble soap
24 trading cards
25 crayons
26 (colour) markers
27 colouring book
28 construction paper
29 paint set
30 (modelling) clay
31 stickers
32 bicycle
33 tricycle
34 wagon
35 skateboard
36 swing set
37 play house
38 kiddie pool/ inflatable pool

Conversations about children's toys between 2 people

A. Excuse me. I’m looking for (a/an) (s) for my grandson./ granddaughter ext.

B. Look in the next aisle.

A. Good idea! Thanks.

A. I don’t know what to get my ____________. Son / daughter for his/her birthday. 

A. Mom / Dad? Can we buy  this / these ________________?

 B. NO, Johnny. Not today. 

Exercise. Answer the questions about toys

What toys are most popular in your country?

What were your favourite toys when you were young?

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