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English vocabulary for banking

During this English lesson about at the bank you will learn about the vocabulary used when you go to a bank. Also there is some brief conversations 


Bank vocabulary

Bank vocabulary and basic conversation

List of banking vocabulary

A make a deposit
B make a withdrawal
C cash a check
D get traveller’s checks
E open an account
F apply for a loan
G exchange currency

1 deposit slip
2 withdrawal slip
3 check
4 traveller’s check
5 bankbook / passbook
6 ATM card
7 credit card

8 (bank) vault
9 safe deposit box
10 teller
11 security guard
12 ATM (machine)/ cash machine
13 bank officer


Conversations at a bank between 2 people

A. Where are you going? 
B. I’m going to the bank. I have to ______________. Use letters A to G.

A. What are you looking for? 
B. My ___________. I can't find it anywhere!  Use numbers 5 to 7.


A. How many ____________12 does the State Street Bank have?


Exercise. Answer these questions about banking.

Do you have a bank account? What kind? Where? What do you do at the bank?
Do you ever use traveller’s checks? When?
Do you have a credit card? What kind? When do you use it?


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