Winter sports and recreation vocabulary and conversation


Winter sports and recreation vocabulary 


Winter sports and recreation vocabulary and conversation. English lesson in PDF



List of vocabulary for winter sports and recreation 


A (downhill) skiing   

1 skis

2 ski boots   

3 bindings 

4 (ski) poles 


B cross-country skiing 

5 cross-country skis  

C (ice) skating 

6 (ice) skates

7 blade

8 skate guard 

D figure skating

9 figure skates



E snowboarding

10 snowboard

F sledding 

11 sled 

12 sledding dish 

/ saucer



G bobsledding

13 bobsled

H snowmobiling

14 snowmobile





Conversation about winter sports and recreation 


A. What’s your favourite winter sport?

B. Skiing. Use letters A to H.

At work or at school on Friday.

A.What are you going to do this weekend?

B I'm going to __________. Use letters A to H.


On the telephone

A. Hello. Sally’s Winter Sporting Goods. 

B Hello. Do you sell __________(s)? Use numbers 1 to 14.

A. Yes, we do./ No. we don’t.

Exercise. Answer these questions about winter sports and recreation

Have you ever done any of these winter sports

Have you ever watched the Winter Olympics?

Which event do you think is the most dangerous and why?

Which event do you think is the most exciting? 

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