Traffic signs and directions vocabulary with pictures and conversation

Traffic signs and directions vocabulary

Traffic signs and giving directions English lesson in PDF with conversation


List of traffic signs and directions vocabulary

Traffic Signs   

1 stop   

2 no left turn  

3 no right turn 

4 no U-turn 

5 right turn only  

6 do not enter  

7 one way 

8 dead end/no outlet 

9 pedestrian crossing

10 railroad crossing

11 school crossing 

12 merging traffic 

13 yield  

14 detour

15 slippery when wet

16 handicapped parking only

Compass Directions

17 north

18 south

19 west 

20 east





Road Test Instructions

21 Turn left.

22 Turn right.

23 Go straight.

24 Parallel park.

25 Make a 3-point turn.

26 Use hand signals.




Conversation about traffic signs and directions


A. Careful! That sign says "stop"! Use numbers 1-16.

B. Oh. Thanks.

A. Which way should I go? Use numbers 17-20.

B. Go north.

A. Turn right. Use numbers 21-26.

B. Turn right?

A. Yes.


Exercise. Answer these questions about traffic signs and directions

Which of these traffic signs are in your neighbourhood? 

Describe any differences between traffic signs in different countries you know.

What other traffic signs do you usually see? 

Please comment about any signs you don't understand


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