Tourist communication with other people vocabulary and conversation


Tourist communication with others people vocabulary


Tourist communication with other people vocabulary list in PDF


List of vocabulary for tourist communication 


1 exchange money 

2 cash a traveler's check 

3 buy this 

4 buy two tickets 

5 mail this to my country 

6 take photographs here 

7 eat here 

8 go in 

9 use a mobile phone here 

10 pay with a credit card

11 I'm from ______. choose a country

12 I'm here for five days.

13 I've seen _______ and _________.

14 I like your city very much. 

It’s very _______.



Tourist communication vocabulary


Tourist communication vocabulary list in PDF for free download


List of vocabulary for tourist communication 


15 Help! 

16 Police! 

17 Please don’t bother me! / Please go away! / 
Get away from me! 

13 Fire! 

19 Look out!

20 Freeze! / Stop! / Don't move!

21 Do you speak.________? Choose a language

22 Please write that down for me.

23 What do you call that in English?

24 Please repeat that.

25 Please speak slowly.

26 I'm sorry. What did you say?


Conversation about tourist communication 

A. May I help you?

B. Yes, please. I’d like to ______________. Use numbers 1 to 5.


A. Can I _________?

B Yes, you can / No, you can’t.


A. ________________? Use letters a to d

B. ________________ Use numbers 11 to 14.


Exercise. Answer these questions about tourist communication 

Be a tourist! Practice conversations with other people / students.

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