The universe and space vocabulary English lesson PDF

The universe and space vocabulary 

The universe and space vocabulary. English lesson with conversation and an exercise in PDF

List of universe and space vocabulary in PDF

The Universe  

1 galaxy 

2 star   

3 constellation 

    a The Big Dipper 

    b The Little Dipper   

The Solar System  

4 sun 

5 moon 

6 planet 

7 solar eclipse

8 lunar eclipse 

9 meteor 

10 comet

11 asteroid 

12 Mercury  

13 Venus

14 Earth

15 Mars

16 Jupiter 

17 Saturn 

18 Uranus 

19 Neptune

20 Pluto 

21 new moon

22 crescent moon 

23 quarter moon

24 full moon



25 observatory

26 telescope

27 astronomer

Space Exploration

28 satellite

29 space station

30 astronaut

31 UFO / Unidentified

Flying Object / 

flying saucer





Conversation about the universe and space


A. Is that (a / an  / the) _______?

B. I’m not sure. I think it might be (a / an  / the) _______.


A. Is the _________ ready for tomorrow's launch?

B. Yes. ”All systems are go!"

Exercise Answer these questions about the universe and space 

Pretend you are an astronaut travelling in space. What do you see?

Do you think space exploration is important? Why?

Have you ever seen a U.F.O.?

Do you believe there is life in outer space? Why?

Draw and name a constellation you are familiar with. 

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