The park and the playground vocabulary and conversation


The park and the playground vocabulary 

The park and the playground vocabulary English lesson with conversation in PDF



List of vocabulary for the park and the playground

1 bicycle path / 

bike path /


2 duck pond 

3 picnic area  

4 trash can

5 grill  

6 picnic table  

7 water fountain 

8 jogging path 

9 bench

10 tennis court

11 ball field


12 fountain

13 bike rack 

14 merry-go-round 

/  carousel 

15 Skateboard 




16 playgroun

17 climbing wall 

18 swings

19 climber

20 slide



21 seesaw

22 sandbox

23 sand






Conversation about the park and the playground 


A. Excuse me. Does this park have (a) __________? Use numbers 1 to 22. 

B. Yes. Right over there.


A Be careful on the __________! Use numbers 17 to 21.

B. l will,Dad / Mum.


A Be careful in the ___________! Use numbers 22 and 23.

B. l will,Dad / Mum.


Exercise. Answer these questions about the park and the playground

Describe a park and playground you are familiar with.

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