Team equipment for different sports vocabulary with conversation English lesson in PDF


Team sports equipment  vocabulary 

Team equipment for different sports vocabulary with conversation. English lesson in PDF


List of vocabulary for team equipment 


A baseball 

1 baseball 

2 bat 

3 batting helmet 

4 (baseball) uniform 

5 catcher’s mask 

6 (baseball) glove 

7 catcher's mitt 

B softball 

8 softball 

9 softball glove

C football

10 football  

11 football helmet 

12 shoulder pads 

D lacrosse  

13 lacrosse ball 

14 face guard 

15 lacrosse stick 




E (ice) hockey

16 hockey puck

17 hockey stick 

18 hockey mask

19 hockey glove 

20 hockey skates

F basketball

21 basketball

22 backboard

23 basketball hoop


G volleyball

24 volleyball

25 volleyball net

H football / soccer

26 football /

soccer ball

27 shin guards





Conversation about team equipment for different sports

A. I can’t find my ______________! Use numbers 1 to 27.

B. Look in the closet / basement /  garage

A. Excuse me. I'm looking for (a) _____________. Use numbers 1 to 27.


B. All our ___________ equipment is over there.

A. Thanks.

A. I’m going to play ____________  after school today. Use letters A to H lesson 
B. Don't forget your ____________ ! Use numbers 1 to 21, 24, 26 and 27 


Exercise. Answer these questions about team equipment for different sports

Which sports are popular in your country?

What sports do students play in your country?

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