Sport and exercise actions vocabulary list and conversation

Sport and exercise actions vocabulary 

Sports actions and exercise actions vocabulary list 

List of sport and exercise actions vocabulary 

1 hit 

2 pitch

3 throw

4 catch

5 pass

6 kick 

7 serve 

8 bounce

9 dribble

10 shoot 

11 stretch


13 walk  

14 run

15 hop

16 skip

17 jump

18 reach

19 swing

20 lift

21 swim

22 dive

23 shoot

24 push-up

25 sit-up

26 deep knee bend

27 jumping jack

28 somersault

29 cartwheel

30 handstand

Conversation about sport and exercise actions


A. ___________the ball! Use numbers 1 to 10.

B. Okay, Coach!


A. Now______! Use numbers 11 to 23.

 B. Like this?

A. Yes.


A. Okay, everybody. l want you to do twenty ___________s! Use numbers 24 to 30.

B. Twenty _________s?!

A. That’s right.

Exercise. Answer these questions about sport and exercise actions

Do you exercise regularly?

Which exercises do you do? 

Why should you exercise?

Is exercise good for you?

Where do you exercise?

Who do you exercise with?

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