School vocabulary list with conversation and exercise. English lesson


School rooms, people and workers vocabulary

School rooms, people and workers vocabulary

List of school rooms, people and workers vocabulary

A (main) office

B principal’s office 

C nurse's office

D guidance office  

E classroom 

F hallway  

    a locker  

G science lab 

 H gym / gymnasium 

    a locker room

 I track  

    a bleachers

 J field

K auditorium

L cafeteria

M library

1 clerk/(school) secretary

2 principal

3 (school) nurse

4 (guidance) counsellor

5 teacher 

6 assistant principal / vice-principal 

 7 security officer


8 science teacher

9 RE. teacher

10 coach

11 custodian

12 cafeteria worker

13 lunchroom monitor

14 (school) librarian


Conversation about school rooms, people and workers

A. Where are you going?

B. I am going to the ____________ (Use letters A to D, G to M) 

A. Do you have a hall pass?

B. Yes, here it is.


A. Where's the _________? Use numbers

B. He's / She's in the _________. (use letters A to M).

Exercise. Answer the following questions about school, rooms, people and workers

Describe the school where you study English.

Tell us about the rooms, offices, and people.

Tell about any differences between the school in this lesson and schools in your country.

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