School subjects vocabulary and conversation English lesson

School subjects vocabulary

School subjects vocabulary list and conversation English lesson 

List of school subjects vocabulary

1 maths / mathematics 

2 English  .

3 history 

4 geography  

5 government   

6 science

7 biology

8 chemistry 

9 physics

10 health

11 computer science 

12 Spanish 

13 French 

14 home economics 

15 industrial arts / shop

16 business education

17 physical education / PE

18 driver’s education / driver's ed

19 art

20 music

Conversation about students talking about school subjects

A. What do you have next period?

B. ______________. How about you? (use numbers 1 - 20)

A. __________. (use numbers 1 - 20)

B. There's the bell. I've got to go. Catch you later, James

Exercise. Answer these questions about school subjects

What is / was your favourite subject?

Why is it your favourite subject?

In your opinion, what's the most interesting subject?

Why do you think so?

What's the most difficult subject?

Why do you think so?

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