Everyday personal hygiene for boys, girls and adults vocabulary English lesson

Everyday personal hygiene for girls, boys and adults vocabulary 

Personal hygiene for boys, girls and adults vocabulary and basic conversation

List of vocabulary for personal hygiene for boys, girls and adult

A brush my teeth 

1 toothbrush  
2 toothpaste


B floss my teeth 
3 dental floss

C gargle
4 mouthwash 
D whiten my teeth
5 teeth whitener



E bathe / take a bath 

6 soap 

7 bubble bath 


F take a shower

8 shower cap


G wash my hair

9 shampoo 

10 conditioner / rinse



H dry my hair 

11 hair dryer / blow dryer


I comb my hair 

12 comb 


J brush my hair 

13 (hair) brush





K style my hair

14 hot comb / curling iron

15 hairspray

16 hair gel

17 booby pin

18 barrette

19 hair clip







Part 2 for vocabulary for personal hygiene for boys, girls and adults English lesson

List of vocabulary for personal hygiene for girls, boys men and women

L shave 

20 shaving cream   

21 razor 

22 razor blade  

23 electric shaver  

24 styptic pencil  

25 aftershave (lotion) 

M do my nails  

26 nail file 

27 emery board 

28 nail clipper 

29 nail brush

30 scissors 

31 nail polish 

32 nail polish remover

N put on . . .  

33 deodorant  

34 hand lotion

35 body lotion

36 talcum powder


37 cologne/ perfume

38 sunscreen

0 put on make-up

39 blush / rouge

40 foundation / base

41 moisturiser

42 face powder

43 eye liner




44 eye shadow

45 mascara

46 eyebrow pencil

47 lipstick

P polish my shoes

48 shoe polish

49 Shoelaces





Conversation about personal hygiene, buying and using

A. What are you doing?

B. I’m ______ing. ______(s)?  Use the letters A to P and numbers 33 to 38. 


A. Excuse me. Where can I find _________(s)? Use the following numbers 1, 8, 11 to 14, 17 to 19, 21 to 24, 26 to 30, 46, 49

B. They’re in the next aisle. 


A. Excuse me. Where can I find _________?  Use the following numbers 2 to 7, 9, 10, 15, 16, 20, 25, 31 to 45, 47, 48

B. It’s in the next aisle.


Exercise. Answer these questions about personal hygiene

Which of these personal care products do you use?

You're going on a trip. Make a list of the personal things you would take.

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