Outdoor recreation / outdoor activity vocabulary and conversation


Outdoor recreation / outdoor activity vocabulary 

Outdoor recreation / outdoor activity vocabulary and conversation. English lesson in PDF free


List of vocabulary for outdoor recreation / outdoor activity 


A camping  

1 tent  

2 sleeping bag 

3 tent stakes 

4 lantern 

5 hatchet   

6 camping stove  

7 Swiss army knife  

8 insect repellent 

9 matches 

B hiking

10 backpack 

11 canteen

12 compass

13 trail map

14 GPS device

15 hiking boots

 C rock climbing.

technical climbing 

16 harness

17 rope 

D mountain biking

18 mountain bike

19 (bike) helmet

E picnic

20 (picnic) blanket

21 Thermos

22 picnic basket

Conversation about outdoor recreation / outdoor activity 

A. Let's go ________ this weekend. Use letters A to E.

B. Good idea! We haven’t gone__________ in a long time.  When using letter E say: on a picnic

A. Did you bring Use numbers 1 to 9, 11 to 14, 16, 117 and 20 to 22.
B. Yes, I dld.

A. Oh: good.

A. Did you bring the ____________? Use numbers  10 to 15 and 18, 19.

B. Yes, I dld.

A. Oh: good

Exercise. Answer these questions about outdoor recreation / outdoor activity 

Have you ever gone camping, hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking?

What equipment did you use?

Tell about it: What did you do? Where? 

Do you like to go on picnics? Where?

What picnic supplies and food do you take with you?


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